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Our non-profit organization depends on the support of people in our community—people like you!

Why Donate

What exactly is the HFRC and how does it fulfill its mission?  The HFRC is a free community play space where parents or caregivers can bring their children and stay and play with them, under the friendly and helpful guidance of our talented and knowledgeable staff.  The parents enjoy the opportunity to ask questions about nurturing and raising their children, learn about resources in our community, and make new friends.  The children experience a wide variety of play and learning activities in the HFRC’s safe, enriching, and fun social environment.

In the last 12 months, support from donors like you helped to provide the following services:

  •  Provided fun, educationally enriching experiences to 750 local children – at no cost to their families;
  •  Hosted parent/child visits for non-custodial family members who can visit their child in supervised, public places -  the HFRC is the only place in Chemung County that offers supervised visits free of charge; and
  •  Offered support, advice, and referrals to many of the over 300 families who visited the HFRC.

Your donation will enable the HFRC to provide more early learning opportunities to young children and to increase our ability to offer meaningful and personal guidance to parents and caregivers.

How You Can Help

Direct Donation

Using PayPal, you can donate any amount to our organization. We use your donations to support our mission of providing a safe place for families to develop stronger bonds and have fun! If you use our programs or playrooms, please consider donation. It only takes a minute, and every little bit helps.


United Way

If you or a relative works for a company that participates in the United Way Campaign, we can be listed as a designated agency to receive your or your relative's contributions.

community partners

We would like to thank our community partners for their generous support of our programs!