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Our programs are carefully planned to ensure that both you and your child will have a fun and educational experience. All of our programs are free of charge. Click on a program below to learn more.

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December 2022

Event Calendar


The Playful Learning Program provides an opportunity for families to visit any time during open hours. Three spaces are available for families to engage in play-based learning: two playroom locations (one at Arnot Mall and one at Horseheads Family Resource Center) with creative play such as dress-up, play dough, painting, and building blocks; and a gym at HFRC for more physical play featuring climbing structures, basketball, and riding toys.

As families have fun playing together, children develop school readiness skills and a love of learning. Caregivers can ask questions about childrearing and development, get referrals to outside agencies and programs, and form a support network within the community. Most importantly, IT’S FUN!

The outdoor program will be hosted on the playground and in the pavilion at the Horseheads Family Resource Center. Should we need to cancel the outdoor program due to rain or other inclement weather, we move inside to the gymnasium.

We cannot wait to see everyone and are thrilled to be able to offer this program for all of our families. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions and keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for all of our program updates!



Music & Movement is an engaging music class that incorporates all kinds of movement and participation to assist in the development of speech and motor skills.

Children in this program learn through their sensory systems utilizing tactile/touch, auditory/hearing, visual/vision, communication/oral motor sensory, breathing/respiratory awareness, olfactory/smell, vestibular/body movement, and proprioceptive/body awareness.

Parents and caregivers can sometimes feel isolated or resistant to participation in group activities with their children, especially those with developmental challenges. Music & Movement engages parents and promotes participation and facilitation of play with their child while building confidence through an atmosphere of acceptance and friendship and through watching their child learn and grow.

All Ages • Registration Required


If you are looking for some socialization, light exercise, and a fun way to explore our favorite local parks and hangouts, stroller walk is for you! Walks are held at parks, trails, and the Arnot Mall. We also provide a healthy snack! Strollers are optional. Siblings welcome.

Ages 0 - 5 Years


Taste & Paint is a program designed to inspire creativity and seeks to engage children in a fun and creative way each week. Participants will start by creating a craft project to take home, often involving paint in some form. This craft promotes fine motor use and important skills like following directions and expressing creativity. Next, participants are offered a healthy snack with the goal of enticing littles to try new foods and give caregivers some options to make new foods more appetizing. This program culminates with 30 minutes of free play in our playroom or on the playground in good weather. Taste & Paint is offered outdoors in the summer and inside the rest of the year!

Ages 2 - 5 Years • Registration Required


The Early Intervention Parent Support Group meets monthly and is a wonderful resource for families utilizing any early intervention services. Each month features a guest speaker with topics like: navigating county resources, lip and tongue tie, speech delay, autism and neurodivergence, and many more. This group has become an important resource in our community for families to connect and support one another with many families coming every month.

Ages 0 - 5 Years • Registration Required


The Supervised Visit Program is offered free of charge to all families needing this service. During visits, non-custodial parents and their children have the opportunity to visit, play, and bond in a warm, child-centered environment. Staff members work with both parents to help them reach their goals and promote positive parenting interactions.


Hours vary. Please call 607-483-1067 for more details.

All Ages • Registration Required